Hindu Gods are invariably shown enjoying a Luxurious Life. Check Vishnu or Krishna and also their several incarnations. They are all attributed with Wealth and Power. Hinduism recognises that Human life is meant for acquisitions and enjoyments of wealth. There are no promises of “Virgins in Haven” or “Judgement Day”. As per Hinduism – Virgins, Heaven, Judgements and your day, are all here. Life, ultimately, depends on the “Animal” which “you” ride. Some get a fast-horse and some contend with a lame-donkey.

The Bible also recognised vagaries of destiny. In the Book of Ecclesiastes 9.11 (Old Testament), there is a wonderful wisdom:
The race is not to the swift,
Nor the battle to the strong,
Neither yet bread to the wise,
Nor yet riches to men of understanding,
Nor yet favour to men of skill;
But time and chance happeneth to them all.


The Universe is Naturally Unbalanced. Hindu concepts or the Bible, both mirrors its “Unbalanced Human Propensities”. The “Great Books” attempts to preach the Perimeter of Right and Wrong. “Life is subject to Earthly risks. Please Read the “Offer Document” daily while living”. Besides that, it’s a free run. To Each as much as he can Reap! Charity is optional. We all tend towards Money, Power or both. Given a choice, many would choose Money. I would.

Money gives you the power of selection. If you have money, you get good lawyers and “favourable” justice. For the same crime, an impoverished will suffer both, fleecing lawyers and jail food. The more bucks you have, the less you shall be banged.

Let me recount an incident. It goes back to pre-cable TV days when every roof-top had jungle of TV antennas. My study table overlooked a window and I spent most of my time gazing towards the sky in the name of “studying”. So, one day, I spotted a boy, probably around 15 or 17, moving tentatively on the terrace of the building facing our house. At intervals, he reached up, grabbed a TV antenna bar and twisted it up and down. After a few tries, the bar gave way. Then he reached for the next.

Sherlock Holmes awoke in me. I left my house, “walked” across to the other building and alerted my friends. We stealthily went up the stair-case. The culprit was quickly located and caught. He appeared like those young boys who you see working in tea-shops. What happened next makes me cringe to this day – A frightful beating. He was collecting aluminium to buy few biscuits.

Then we put the “culprit” in the auto-rickshaw and took him to Santa Cruz Domestic Airport Police station. There I saw more justice first hand. The hawaldar’s first reaction was to pick up a belt – thick black rubberized material, a size of two-foot ruler. He used the “tool” to repeatedly rap the boy’s naked and frail body. The accumulated neighbours wanted more justice to be done. I felt revulsion – on what I had done. Even today, whenever I cross that Police Station while on my way home, my thoughts go back to that “fateful” day. Trust me, I will never report a theft.

Cut to Kolkata. A Friend had swindled good amount of money from company contracts. He was reported. The police called him for “questioning”, and after all the “questions” were “answered” (read Shared), he was free.

Take for example, one famous thief – Bunty. You saw him, temporarily on Big Boss 4. There is one movie made on his life – Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!. This person is said to have robbed Hundreds of Show-rooms and Homes. Delhi police recognizes him as lovable Thief. Yeah, “Lovable Sharing Thief”!

Justice comes in service packages – Platinum, Gold, Basic – Economy, Business and First Class. In fact, the Judiciary of India should have a portal where we can subscribe to these services. If convicted or filing law suits, Register->Choose your Justice Package->Pay. If arrested, click on tab “Book Your Cell”. High value Cells will have attached sauna/Jacuzzi and five-star menu. Higher your subscription value the more the scale of justice will tilt in your favour.

There will always be selective justice. The more money you have, the more you can push the law. Law is the Girl-Friend of the Loaded. It hates empty pockets. If they don’t find anything there it will reach deeper and squeeze your balls. Why be shy? Accept it and be clear.

Idealists should immigrate to the Galaxy of Utopia. Virgin Galactic is starting this sector from April 1st. For the rest – Reconcile with Unbalance. In a Democracy, Parliament is at par with Judiciary. So, expect our law to be like politics, which is nothing but the reflection of Life – The Unbalance.