Let There Be…Corruption!

Scams seem to thrive everywhere. It runs like TV-soaps. One episode ends another starts. Contents are same. Only “weeping actors” differ. But in soaps we empathise with our actors. In Scams, we are tutored by the media to deride the perpetrators. The Media is the hero, scams-ters are the villain and “Politics and Public” are the mute spectators. That’s the star-cast. The Screen-play remains the same. Settings and actors change. Multiple Scams are already running in our “Multiplex” country. In fact, there is always a “Friday”, awaiting a new show.

Then suddenly, “all hell breaks loose”, so to say. The media runs wild, and we run with it. It has become entertainment of sorts. I wonder what will happen if there are no fresh scams, say, every 4 to 6 months. It would be a stale life. Many would die of boredom. Like God, if we do not have scams, we would be compelled to invent it.

Remember Pac-Man. Yeah, our scams are just like that. It’s Pac-man running helter-skelter eating Pac-dots. Compare that with the CBI. Daily, on TV, you see “Pac-Man-CBI” holding some “Pac-Dot-Scamster” and driving through the “Media-Maze”. Twists and turns follow. After a while, you lose track as to who is avoiding the “ghost” and who is eating the “enemy”. Well, like Pac-Man, this game can be played indefinitely.

It’s time we should accept Corruption – like Prostitution, Gambling or Smoking. That would solve lots of problem and better, will end the drama which accompanies the Scam News. Everyone involved had had their fill during the climax. What actually goes on, on TV or media, are show-endings – and they don’t even share the crumbs!

Take for example, Prostitution. It’s legal or illegal depending on the country. Even in our country, there is always this talk of making it legal. Anyway, the attitude of the government shows that it’s “tacitly” legal. Either way, it’s considered as necessary evil. In every city, there will be a Grant or a G.B.Road. Red Light area is a Social Necessity Area. Legalese are powerless against God-given emotions.

Also Smoking! You will know people taking leaps on philosophy and tell you big ways to quit, only succumb themselves. Only one day, you will find them stealing a drag in some secluded corner. When caught, they have a sheepish expression on their face. Don’t confront them. Or you would be inundated with reasons which you won’t care to listen.

Corruption is also somewhat like smoking. You will be talked-out by those who will be “minting” themselves. You can have statutory warning or placards displaying “no smoking” or show pictures of those unfortunate sufferers with “rotten gums and missing cheeks”, yet finally the “Butt is King”. Smoking is banned at public places, still public will discover places.

Take Gambling or Betting – both close cousins of Investing. Like prostitution, Gambling is also a favourite “government gossip”. Our Authorities dream of making it Legal. They claim that’s the best way to control the trade. In other words, they want to share the loot-legally. In both investing and gambling, you would require skill and sheer luck. If gambling is made legal, at least we will have the data, learn it, and participate.

So goes with corruption. Accept it and make it legal. Everyone knows when and where we have to give money “illegally”. Once Legalised, we all will know where “fast money can be made” “Legally”. Just imagine, 6G is to be launched and there is a website where we all can place our hand. Then people like Raja will be like our Gods. Think!

I had a friend in Kolkata who now lives in US with a big house, a swimming pool, 7 Dogs and “Bars & Babes”. He once told me about Corruption which I find so very true. He said, “Make all the money you can and if your cover is blown, don’t resist arrest. Go to jail. That’s best place to negotiate. Share your wealth and then live happily ever after…..”