In a way, we are all sold to Pattern. There is a pattern in our life and living, in our thoughts and actions. There is a pattern in our existence. It’s the way we go about, react to things, choose or reject. There is a pattern in how we ‘permit’ the elements from our environment, to form us. Our mind, body and soul have adapted selective assimilation. It’s, finally, our Pattern which defines us. Some elements we let in, others we let go.

It’s some of what we ‘Let Go’ invades our imagination. It is the absent which attracts the foci of our thoughts. Now, there are several remarks and sayings by great men with craps like ‘we should count our blessings’, etc. but, you know, nothing of this matters.

Our void acts like a psychological – black-hole, gaping greedily on aspects which we miss. They say- Opposites Attract. I don’t agree. I feel, many have fallen prey to this fallacy. Actually, it’s the – Absent which Attracts!

There are things which constitute us. And there are things which don’t constitute us, but we wish it were. It is not like a talkative blabber falling in love with a mute idiot. The talkative will fall in love with what he finds he misses in his life. He might not vie for any mute but would probably fall in love with a Spit-Fire whose nose gives him a high. Afterall, in his pattern – that’s the missing colour!

We live as neighbours with our wants. We all carry placards signifying “Something’s Missing”. We are in perpetual search of Lost-and-Found stations. Religions have arisen, great thoughts have been expounded, and probably multi-billion dollar industries are created to cure us. Yet, the fabric of human nature discovers ways to offset it. The moment you hold a pattern, the kaleidoscope gives a wink.

Now, I understand, you would wonder where I am heading. Actually, I am trying to unearth the root of what actually “enthrals” us. I am aiming for that “Spellbinding Trait” which drives us all. The Big Question is – ‘What is that Missing, which makes us all go Fishing’.

Just a while back, I saw Roman Polanski’s ‘Bitter Moon’ on Sony Pix. The storyline runs on narratives, a la ‘Dhobi Ghat’. The chief protagonist speaks about his life and exploits to another member. It’s a sort of flash-back story but it’s the narrative which brings out the crux of characters. And the English sub-titles help a lot to catch the depth of the writings.

This is my second Polanski movie, the other being the mind-blowing “The Pianist”. If you haven’t seen “The Pianist”, well, get it and see it. However, you can mark another one on your viewing list. “Bitter Moon” depicts great insights into inevitableness of quirky characters.

I had written in one of my earlier article that it’s the addiction – not the liking- which compels a freak to espouse a particular living. ‘Bitter Moon’ shows just how “Bitter” that choice can be. It’s not easy to quit smoking. And even if you quit, the butt seems to linger at the back of your head. There are some, who would rather choose the butt and kick-life for momentary living. Well, there is no cure for conceptual illness – after all, it’s a Pattern.