Raja, Radia, Media!

There is always this “Three”. It can do with “Two”. Or “Four”! But “Two” is a bit solitary and “Four” can be a Crowd. “Three” has an uncanny “Symmetry”. The third always holds a promise of Judas. An unstable equilibrium holds the promise of a game. That’s why there is this “Holy Trinity”. But often, the “Trinity” need not be that “Holy”. Well, some (wise man) said – Two is Horn, Three is Horny.

Starting an article with “two” and “three” could be unnerving but it’s far from being mathematical. Whenever and where ever there are Groups, there will be Games. Hence, my belief is that, instead of sermonizing on our environment, we should view it compassionately. It’s because, what we see is Us. Have you seen children play cricket, football or any games? Better the game more is the noise! Casting aspersions on our parliament is passé. There will never be a solution. Actually, there are no problems. There is only a good game – A Game of Threes.

Let’s play a Game.

O.K., let’s first demarcate our operating premises. We have to access people based on criteria set by us. Let’s assume it’s time for their promotion and we have to sign their “Performance Appraisal”. Now wait. “Signing” an appraisal and “Taking” an appraisal are two completely different things. If you are working in any “Silo” organization, you would know that you can beat Federer in “Outstanding” ratings in appraisals, but would still find yourself lolling in the hierarchical desert. Why? Because, the one who takes your appraisal is a “nincompoop”. Matters is “He” “Who” signs your Appraisal!

So, here, you act as if you are signing someone’s appraisal.

That means, none of the protagonists are in front of you. Either you are consorting with your “smoking group” standing somewhere in the back alley filth or you are in monologue with your own prejudices fighting to take sides. Your environment supports your wisdom. You utter names which are rapidly assaulted by vile gossips or your innate bias. But Consensus settles on the kick-ass. Always!

So, the first appraisal is of Mr A. Raja. You read his major achievements of the year and you are impressed. Then you go through his major constraints and difficulties and you cannot help but sympathise. Raja has just one KRA, and that would put the economy of some state governments to shame. His achievements have been “Outstanding”. He did what he was nominated to do. Few would match his potential. He even ignored the Prime Minister to get his way. Some drown in ripples. Raja took refreshing shower in a Tsunami.

I know what you are thinking now. Also I know what you are doing “figuratively”. You are bathing with “Mother Dairy”. You shake your head like a Dog dusting his dirty furs. Your cleansing act demonstrates your helplessness. How could you be left high and dry? It’s not that you had it bad. It’s that, someone had it so very good.

Despite all Raja has done, he will be denied his promotion. Even though someone tick-marked him “Outstanding”, your comments are grim. Simply, you want him OUT.

Next is Ms Radia. My goodness- What a S.M.A.R.T. women! Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic but (Un) Timely. She learnt – One could compromise on specifics but never on time. Raja and Radia has both aptly and amply demonstrated that if anything is appropriately measured (money), it can be realistically attained. But Time and Tide waits for no man. And it overwhelms women! Anyway, she did a fantastic job. She handled the businesses of India’s two greatest tycoons and got them success. I, actually, salute that Lady. I would like to gift her with a Titan Watch – Better Time next time.

She could handle businesses of two tycoons and make one a minister. Dangerous lady, it seems. We love intermediaries doing our job. We have Pundits to call our God, brokers to get a house, lawyers to win us justice etc. But we detest “Lobbyist”. To us “To lobby” is bad. And “To Lobby and Win” is worse. So we appraise her as a Failure.

Finally, the Media! The fourth estate expose has worked wonders these days. The way they attack a personality, he is left like “Naked David without a Stone”. The Goliath – The Scribe – is like a huge all-encompassing octopus suddenly descending on the unfortunate and sucking the victim down to birthday suite. We get enthralled not by the “Expose” but by the “Exposed”.

In the Radia Tapes, most of the people caught lobbing and hobnobbing were from the media. Famous people like Barkha Dutt and Vir Sangvi and many more. These days they come on T.V giving apologetic answers. Raja and Radia both had success criteria which they fulfilled. But can you claim the same for the Media. What are their success criteria? Well, they were good spoil-sport till their own sports were check-mated by their own undoing.

Yet, they all have ready answers. You don’t work for media if you cannot play greasy games and then escape clean. Watched closely, the media does nothing but “Swap Hats”. The first “HAT” is always theirs. After a few “Hands of Game”, everyone loses track of the “HAT”. Finally the media created and freely distributed “HAT” will be attributed to some unfortunate. Grease-Hit, soiled and smelling, the condemned then turns contagious and defiles anyone who he chooses. But no game is unending. The media knows that their “HAT” is subject to half-life. They quickly tailor and market another…..and the game continues.

The media is apprised as PASS.