Media Trap!

There are several kinds of traps. Like mouse traps, foot traps, bird traps, booby traps etc. Every trap needs a trigger. The trigger consists of a bait or behavior. He is a good entrapper who knows his target. He knows through experience, what are the probabilities that his bait or the behavior would lure the target. After all, hunting is mostly planning followed by a momentary execution.

The above mentioned traps are physical. That is, when the bait or behavior is triggered, the victim gets entrapped physically. Some of the trap causes vital damage to the body even death. But what about traps which entrap with no visible damage to the self? The victim has no idea that he is being baited and then trapped. He lives on unawares and ignorant. Physical traps have specific locations. Like forests or war-zones. But meta-physical traps have no such boundaries. Those traps are also in all our homes.

Let’s take our visible media. The Television! And let’s focus on the program which has the most TRP ratings- Our News Channels. The News Channels are the largest viewed bovine activity known to man. Our hunger for news is insatiable. You must have seen how some oldies read Newspaper from cover to cover. Your own organization will have some unconfirmed alleged Khabar-ies! Everyone, depending on his interest, wants news, i.e., information which he can use to his advantage. Hence the desire for news is bait in itself.

So our new channels exploit the news-hungry. They are unconcerned about the authenticity or the quality of the news. All they want is to channelize your opinions to the direction they want. They want you to take positions according to their designs. They have a vested interest in your polarity. All media houses have inherent political or business affiliations. Tell me, don’t you know this! Still you will mouth their speech and aim your guns to their targets. You are trapped.

To demonstrate, let’s discuss the following picture.

Check the screen design. Very Important! Left side has a Bold “SCAM” with the picture of the Victim “as defined by them“. He is condemned before he even starts. The person concerned is unawares that he is “Garlanded” with “Scripted Footwares“.

The right side has some soft words for the news-reporter. “Fresh papers are with Times Now” and so you assume they are “right”. But “LALLI BLOCKS DEFLECTS” and forSPECIFIC QUESTIONSgivesGENERAL ANSWERS” and you get the “right ideas”. They achieve their “objectives” the moment you start the “blame game”. You got their bait. You are trapped.

Whosoever watched this show, will he ever, hear what Lalli is saying or trying to say? OK, consider that Lalli is corrupt. Who is this News Channel or any channels to do the thinking for us? Is this not trial by media? And let’s be honest. Don’t we get swayed by what’s appearing on screen in bold letters? Our eyes catch more than our ears. There are very few who would listen but many who would see. And see it day and night and then another day. Why not? Big money is doled to clog your brain. You are trapped!!

But you will never get affected. At the same time you can never affect anything. Because your power is been harnessed and used elsewhere. Like mercenaries, you have been utilized to “assassinate” someone else. You will never think in terms of processes but get fixated on personalities. You will never demand to know the procedure but will settle with some rebuke. That is what they want and that is what they get. 

You have heard what happens to people who file for an RTI (Right to Know). They are harassed and also killed. It happens because they are in the minority. Blame Game is the easiest game-Easy for us and Easy for Them. It is more dangerous to question a process.  Their are some who do it and pay the price. To strengthen them and to get our own house in order, we have to get away from personality-fixation and move over to process questioning. That would end our entrapment.