Let’s begin with a Cliché – Habits die hard. Many habits are intrepid and they are born and die with us. Spitting, digging the nose etc. are as old as archaeology. The list is unending and to focus on these uninteresting.

Like trends, Habits go in and out with changing times and fashion. A new Habit is always around the corner. They arrive with new models and service packages. If you don’t conform to the new habit, you may be termed old and boring. To be in and with the crowd, you must display the new quirks. Just like you change clothes you also need to change into habits.

Some habits you suffer, some makes you a sufferer. Bad Habits and bad luck have a thing in common-Everyone thinks they happen to other people. Good habits are the ones on your side of the turf. Rest are bad Habits. Hence, there is no contemplation, self-examination. So, in this climate, when someone Else’s Habit crosses your path, it always leads to friction.

I have listed some Habits which I find annoying. The perpetrators are always unaware. Alas, they don’t know what they do. And if they do know, they choose to ignore. Why? Habit!

No sooner, the theatre lights go out, all the mobile lights illuminates around like fire-flies. By the law of sudden urge, there are people who feel the need to recheck SMS or mail. The play announcer requests that the phones be kept on silent or switched off. Henceforth, they should also include phone back lights. They too disturb. The more annoying is if the one sitting beside you or in front has this habit of frequently lighting up his mobile. It’s like watching the play from across the car dashboard.

I wonder, what is there, that cannot be left alone for two hours. OK, till interval. But it’s the habit actually. An old saying is- Life grips you. In reality, you grip life. You don’t let go for a moment. You want to get updated. Actually, when someone fiddles which his phone, consider that he has nothing to fiddle about.

Why no one interrupts the perpetrators. Actually, we all avoid being conspicuous in that setting. We feel, when there are others around and if nobody else has a problem, why should I stick out. We are forced to exercise restraint. An objection is always distracting. More than the offender, the preventer gets highlighted. With such habits cohabitating, very soon you might find yourself in a minority. It’s a culprit’s world. So, endure – you Mr Victim.

From lights in the theatre, let’s check out the lights on the road. Do you wonder why people have to drive with lights on Full High-beam? It’s desirable on Bad roads. But when you have relatively good roads and well lighted streets, High beam should relax. But All Mumbai Kars seems to love High-Beam, even when at bumper kissing speed. The rays glare at you via the mirrors. Why do they do it? It’s habit again. Besides that, electricity is free on cars! You make it, so you are free to squander it.

What should be done to stop the high-beamers? Well, I suggest, put an electric-meter on all cars. The more energy the Car Walla’s dissipate, the more they pay for the fuel. Taxis will have both-taxi and electric meter and the passenger will pay for excess electricity too. That would make the passenger and the driver aware of safe and also sane driving. Probably, it will, at least, keep the Habits in check.

Well, there is more on optics. There are those Morse-Coders – High-Beamers with Dippers. Their periodic Dipping gets on your nerves. I wonder, are they trying to convey something? There is an antidote to honking. It’s Car Music. But what can you hold against those Dipping Drivers. I feel like installing a train lamp on the back of my car. No sooner the other dips, I will flip a switch, which will automatically dip at periodic intervals. Like rain wiper, it will be timed, slow, medium and rapid. I will use it according to the doggedness of the dipper. Surely, this might work. At least to neutralize his habit.