Predator-Our Saviour!

Food is enticing, exciting. We Humans eat anything, everything. Every region of this world has its own unique delicacies. From aquatic to Aves, harmless to poisonous (like “Fugu”) and tasty to disgusting (rotten shark)! We have spared nothing to get it on the table.

This is probably because; we human are known to be on the top of the Food Chain- A chain which defines “who eats who and is eaten by who”. Though humans do become victims if we cross other’s chain-of- food-command, but besides that we are relatively safe. We are not on other’s menus. Are we so tasteless or un-wholesome?

Anyway, my imagination got fired up on a supposition (Again!). Suppose, if there is a “Living Being”, who lived of us. Like, they survive on Humans. We are their daily bread. Like lions and tigers stalk animals, these horrid beings “stalk and prey” on us.

What would happen to us if we are one rung below the top of the food chain? How would our life and living change? What would be our social structure? What would be the advantages and disadvantages? Being born as eldest is one thing, but to discover later that you have (really) one elder to you, does change things, isn’t it?  

As we are not conditioned to live like a prey, this has got us some attitude. Anyone on top of their food chain does have some arrogance. Living from the position of power gives you a choice – to be or not to be ruthless. You tend to take sides depending on social acceptance. We are vain because of our vantages. Superiority Complex!

The moment we fall one step below, the equation will change. The realisation that we can also be chased, tripped, throttled and devoured will make us re-think our survival strategies. A common threat will force upon us common understanding. The turf wars will end. The whole living space, the earth would then belong to all. Have you noticed, the beings fighting for turf are those on top of their food chain? They need to urinate and demarcate for sustenance, that is, eat in their own territory. Any intrusion elsewhere would invite derision and death. But this does not apply to animals that are a prey themselves. For them, the whole world is theirs.

This brings the advantage of free travel. Free meaning unregulated but mandatory. I pray thee – It is a must. Right now, you may travel. But you don’t. Choice! You will manufacture reasons and would rather surf TV. But a threat will make you move. Humans will be forced to change locations. Predators love a constant target. This gives them stealth to get up to race-range. Hence we have to be in constant flux. We have to move. Not becoming a meal will be as important as the next meal, if not more.

Just imagine what a change it would bring. Just travelling! Will we then, ever, have any regional bias? Intermingling would cause inter-blending. We are all Homos, sapiens or otherwise. All race divides would give way to unity. We will have complete understanding of our co-travellers. Complete meaning- no lip service. No saying falsely–”Ya, I understand your difficulty.” Those Polite Deceptions! You will understand everything truly by just being together.

One would wonder, if there is no permanent residency, what about the jobs. How would we earn our living? I know, any idiot would think like an idiot. Even I had this same worry. But why worry? Suppose, you are a Flight Dispatcher (don’t worry what it means), and you have migrated from Mumbai to Delhi you can seek out the same position there. OK, suppose you are in Istanbul, the same applies. Your profession will always be found at the location where it belongs. Seek the location in that region-Plain and Simple!

And don’t worry which company – I know you will think this now. Company-centric eccentric behaviour belongs to the predator world. Lions live with lions and tigers with tigers. But wilder-beasts, zebras, buffaloes etc. that is, live together. Same will happen to us Humans. Peaceful Co-existence will no longer be a UN-Lingo. One rung below, we will all become its living embodiment.

There will not be any fixed roster anywhere. No Prashant in the Morning Shift and Nishant in the afternoon. No PL, SL, CL etc. Whosoever survives and arrives will be granted the position. Choose wisely. For if you are found wanting, your co-prey will make sure you meet the predator after your shift is over. Ok, suppose, you don’t get the job which you desire or fit for. Continue migration. I guarantee, Istanbul or Austria, you will get it. Your skill will make you rich. Two three migrations and if you survive, you are a pro. If you get eaten, bad luck.

Most of the living beings have their own social structure. It starts with birth, rearing the young, feeding and finally death. Natural death is most common to beings on top of their food chain. Others fight to survive only to succumb someday to a merciful predator. Slipping one step below the food chain, would take away all the fear and philosophy we have on death. Idealism and ritualism will disappear with the body. Co-preys will be just onlookers as the predator smacks their lips on one of us. Predators love fully grown and old prey. It feeds their entire family. Young new-borns are too small and can be used for practice by their youngsters.

One best thing! Everyone will be fit. Survival of the fittest is most known in the animal world but it will start applying to humans too. Prim and trim will be in. Smoking and Drinking will be out. Lest you want to invite a prey and become an easy meal to some old predator.

What would happen to our possessions like houses and belongings? Though, all Humans would make houses, but that would not be for him alone. He will make it, furnish it, provision it, but that would be for all. Where ever you go, you will be guaranteed furnished accommodation. Humans will develop cleanliness like cats or else they will have to spend time on cleaning upon arrival. Predators love prey busy cleaning themselves. The guards are down and they can pounce. And, if you don’t get a place to live, well, continue migration.

About your belongings; the stuffs you will carry will be minimal. After all we have to be ever-alert to drop and run. We will never crib on short notice. We will never say, “I was not informed”. A wait would be too late. Your survivors will write your name as “To Late Mr So and So”. Ok, when you finish running and fortunately survive, you then search for any belonging left over by others who did the same. Don’t ask whose it is. If you have survived, it’s yours. Or reach for any carcass. You will get one there, guaranteed! Predator eat prey, not their belongings.

There are many living being that make pairs for life time. More intelligent animals just show up but don’t own up. Arrive, do and leave. That’s natural. Some wait just long enough to ensure the garbage out is their very own garbage in. It is species specific. We humans can choose individually. I would choose the later. When life becomes so transitory, we humans can search big reasons to go astray. Probably, we will concocts some religious scriptures sanctioning such behaviour. Everyone will be benefitted. Life would be enjoyable till being eaten.

Someone rightly said. If we did not have God, we would have to invent Him. Mankind needed a Higher Being for life streamlining. A saviour needed to stop all savagery. But it’s not working now. Our Gods are failing. God fearing is the thing of the past. We actually need a Predator. That would surely end all terrorism. A strong predator takes care of his territory. Oppositely, it frees us of all our boundaries and inhibitions. There are co-lateral damages, understood, but is it any better now. Will that predator accept the destruction of his life-stock? He will make sure; the each and every culprit is eaten, first thing first!

Oh, how I wish a Predator who dates and eats humans. We are all so interested to hunt outer space for life. What will happen if that life seems to love human blood? Would we still have all that excitement? They will surely find us, with all the satellites and telescope which we have strewn all over space as debris. Someone will use that as milestone and will find his way here. We are all so happy to launce our rockets and shuttles. Imagine the day, when we have a Landing instead. That will be the day of our deliverance, the Judgement Day!