Judas Hole

Do you know what a Judas Hole is? That’s the viewer-peephole-on your door. When someone rings your bell, you first look through it to find out who that is, and does he deserve your door to be opened. Sometimes you need to peek to prioritise. After all, it’s the question of your privacy. You don’t want the other side to walk in and disturb your tranquillity. It’s your home, your domain, your world. The high heavens may go to hell and the outside be out of our sight. It doesn’t matter what crap plays outside. My side is the saner side. So be it.

There is very good poem from Panchatantra:-
Some lead a Life of Mild Content,
But Content may fall, as well as Pride,
A frog who kissed his lowly ditch,
Much Despaired when it dried.

Very tricky poetry. Simply put, we love our mess. We are all afflicted by our side, their side. Hither and thither. Only when we act philosophic that we expound the universality of all things. And that’s very temporary. We exclaim, “This is everywhere”! But in daily life, we are all here and now. Fast action, quick judgement, and instant coffee!

Let’s imagine a situation. You are travelling; walking, riding whatever and you are passing the assembly – i.e. Parliament, Vidhan Bhavan etc. Very Important, OK. Then some faint noise catches you. Some murmur coming from a direction. You abandon your earlier mission and your conveyance, if you have any, and follow the direction of the noise. As you walk closer, the volume increases and increases. You finally locate the door behind which all the noise is emanating. You slowly push the Assembly door ajar, just enough to look inside and then the turbulent energy assaults you like you are slapped by your wife or girlfriend (choose).

The scene inside the “Hall of Fame” is like a moving mass of humanity heaving like a monsoon sea hitting marine lines. Multiple groups are bustling and writhing among each other like trying to board an already crowed train.

Someone has his shirt torn off and he is standing on the desk crying out aloud the injustices meted to mankind. He projects his torn shirt as shredded democracy and wants quick replacement. His shirt of course!

Again someone is lying on the ground, silent, given up, acting too powerless to reform society. He is bereft and identifies himself with subverted law squashed to make way for mobocracy.

Then there are those machos, who have taken it on themselves to do something. Their “doing something” means punching. Punches are flying in all directions which would put both Ali and Bruce Li to shame. But they are calling in the punch to call out the principals on which to stand.

Then there are pacifists, those people who have holier-than-thou written on their forehead on bold italics. They are the go-betweens, trying to control one side or the other. You will find pacifists wedged between two groups, trying their best to control the innumerable Mohammed Alis’. The pacifists are also the ones who are too sacred to punch or get punched.

Then there are those sight-seers who gradually leave centre stage and edge towards the periphery to watch the grand show.  They are the once who don’t want to miss the action and at the same time don’t want to be accountable. Sight-seers also consists of many fence sitters. Fence-sitters are sight- seers with a “Sholay Coin” – heads you lose and tails I win – philosophy.

Peering inside, you see mass and movement. Give a call to Einstein and he will say that’s Momentum. The swirl, the momentum has a movement and energy associated with breaking of chairs and benches and mikes. It has a life force of its own. Like a Twister. Many times the force is directed towards an unfortunate sitting on a high chair-the speaker. The Assembly speaker also has two wicket keepers. Any projectile in the direction of the speaker is caught by one of the wicket keepers. If observed carefully, the projectile is deliberately directed to the wicket keepers. Injuring the speaker would raise many un-controllable twisters. The speaker knows this and acts as a prop by keeping his mouth shut when there is a problem. The entire activity in the assembly seems like looking into a cyclotron. For cyclotron call Einstein again!

Actually, you are looking into the bye scope. Better, it’s like Kaleidoscopes. Innumerable patters and detractions. This makes you wonder, momentarily, why here? What’s good, what’s bad? You immediately scramble up the high moral ground. Ages of evolution has taught us, a high ground is always a vantage point.  So, there you go. Separate yourself from the force which you see. You start expounding thoughts which would put Socrates to shame, Plato would go in hiding and Aristotle will shoot himself.

 Or, you will go into woeful depression and cry over the state of affairs. Ages of evolution has taught us, when surrounded by predators, Cry out, and Call others to join the force. So there you go. Your weeping would put crocodiles to shame and the just-born would switch to laughter instead.

For all of us, some pedestal, high or low, is ever-ready. Just crack the sports-pistol, and we all will take our positions.

So, you are looking into the mess. For you, it’s a mess, for them its business– Share trading or Horse Trading. They trade what they possess. They are playing out their game, their emotions are true. They have a stake. They are there for a purpose.  They laugh, cry, punch, or just duck. After all it’s their arena. It is You who is the outsider. You do not have any right to poke your nose. You are lucky; privileged enough to have them do your dirty laundry. Now, don’t flare your nose and squint your eyes! 

You cry out. BUT NO….It’s my vote…Suddenly, the entire assembly explodes. It is like one moment it was there and the next moment it isn’t. You find yourself in the market place or the bus stand, or the platform or airport lounge or wherever. Whatever! But Amazing! The structure is missing. But the same game is still on. Someone is hauling himself on the other, someone’s punching, someone’s playing pacifist, and others are bystanders and also huddled in the corner, intermixed, are the fence-sitters.  There are also stilt-walkers, high morals and great principals which they want YOU to follow. Some are Weepers – like hired mourners in a funeral – always crying. You take side depending on who you are.

But at the moment you are stunned. Your last location was the assembly and now you are in the middle of somewhere. Where did the assembly vanish and where did this world start. The divide was so flimsy, thin, insubstantial, and inconsequential.

Anyway, wherever you are you get hit by something. You jolt up and open your eyes. Someone’s knocking on your door. Your look into the Judas Hole! You may decide not to open but one day you have too. There are few only who are un-invited. Many you yourself invite. What’s on the other side has its origin on your side, isn’t it? You populate with what you have. If you have hooligans this side you can’t expect any better that side. Or do you think our assemblies are hermaphrodite, producing on their own. Are those legislatures from outer space? The way we react, we may be thinking so. OK, but to know about Hermaphrodite,  call Begum.