Tu Meri Soon’ – You Listen to me!

Tu Meri Soon’, is a Hindi word which means, You Listen to Me!

Three words which are spoken and heard by many. Look around and observe, two people talking or a group discussing, and you will definitely hear many – Tu Meri Soon’. Tu Meri Soon’ means – now that I have spent time listening to your talks (your rubbish), it’s now my turn to hold the ‘conversational’ fort. Afterall, I have something better to contribute than you. So, when anyone says-Tu Meri Soon’- he means- listen to my truth, take notice of my actual story, the real fact-of-the-matter.

Tu Meri Soon’ may start with pleasantries but it has all the potentialities of war. It’s a loaded phrase and very fanatical too. When someone in the group says-Tu Meri Soon’, there are two options, either you hear him or you ignore him. Listening is upto your choice and to ignore, that’s your risk too. History is filled with incidents where people have paid the price of not heeding to – Tu Meri Soon’. Haven’t you heard of this famous call- ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears’- that’s Tu Meri Soon’.

Conversation between two or a group should be like a Racquet game, something like badminton, tennis or table tennis etc. The opposition needs to bounce the ball back to stay in the game. The idea should be to add value to discussion and find common ground for agreements. Participation is the key. Sadly, most of the conversation is like a rugby game. Grab the topic and run. Then others run behind you. You, singlehandedly want to score – sadly someone catches up to you and snatches your ball signifying – Tu Meri Soon’. You have to.

Tu Meri Soon’ means the game is not important. What’s important is the Ball. You wait for the other person to weaken, you hide in ambush for your moment, and it comes, many times in History, you grab the ball and run again – Tu Meri Soon’.

Tu Meri Soon’ is type of psyche. No, it’s not in India alone. Every country has their own version of Tu Meri Soon’. They articulate and express it in many ways.

One form of Tu Meri Soon’ is to call all nations and have some kind of meet. Every nation’s representatives gets a chance to walk up the podium and have his glory of -Tu Meri Soon’. Or have one to one meet over tea or drinks. These are civilized ways to growl and wag.

But there are uncivilised ways of Tu Meri Soon’. The brashest Tu Meri Soon’ come from the most civilized of all nations, U.S., so to say. It’s well known across the globe on their version of Tu Meri Soon’. It’s also ingrained in their Foreign policy. If you don’t Soon’ (listen) prepare for the bomb or blockade or both.

Besides the U.S., others too have their brand of Tu Meri Soon’. Instead of “blowing their trumpet”, they choose to blow themselves up.  Its an all or nothing game. If you don’t listen to them, well, you go with them-to enjoy the virgins! This is the worst (or the best) form of Tu Meri Soon’ prevalent in these times.

Now take India and Pakistan. We have developed, over the years, very innovative- Tu Meri Soon’ diplomacy. We have never ending meetings to forward the Tu Meri Soon’. Recently we started sending dossiers – a new method of Tu Meri Soon’. Our bilateral talks are an example-for Tu Meri Soon’. First we call them for some-Tu Meri Soon’ and then they call us for the same. We share our ears. That’s how we have avoided direct confrontation so many years- taking turns for Tu Meri Soon’.

When something like Tu Meri Soon’ becomes all pervading, it becomes necessary to know its roots. There must be some reason for its success, isn’t it. It’s our duty to find it out. Well, you don’t have to go too far. It’s been always with us – since our birth. We are born with Tu Meri Soon’ which we proclaim loudly on our first contact. Eveyones seems so happy to get a -Tu Meri Soon’.

Imagine yourself at the time of birth- the exact moment when your soft skin met the atmosphere and some idiot slapped your back. It’s like somebody putting in the key and squeezing the ignition and you cry out – TU MERI SOON’. Just like, you must have a Father and Mother, you must have a – Tu Meri Soon’ – It’s your Birth Right and you shall have it. 

As per Oxford Dictionary, the word Listen – means to take notice of and act on what someone says. I feel, the meaning of – Listen – has a touch of weakness. Tu Meri Soon’ is just the opposite. It’s an attitude which proclaims strength. Historically, we have not solved anything by Listening. Meaning of Listen, has more closeness to-waste or kill time. You might not like Tu Meri Soon’ but it’s the only way, the world has learnt its lessons. Listening works at lower levels and demonstrates a sort of pecking order.

But Tu Meri Soon’, works at higher levels. In the committee of nations or in the group of powers, Tu Meri Soon’ draws a hypothetical domain boundary. The more Tu Meri Soon’ potential you have, the more others will respect and do as you say. So you need to muster power, gain clout, stretch your influence, make deterrents (like bombs) to have more and more TU MERI SOON’. Also, you better respect the TU MERI SOON ‘in others, because if you don’t, then you will have your own Hiroshima and Nagasaki to contend with.

Dog has a tail, humans have ears. The location of the organ might differ, but  functionality is the same. The dog has reasons to wags. Similarly humans have reasons to listen. The powerful may listen but the powerless must. Why should I listen to you? – Haven’t you heard this, said? or implied? To test your power, ask this question to yourself – Why should someone listen to me? Do I have, what it takes for – Tu Meri Soon’!