Sugar – Mankind’s Sweetheart

It’s amazing. Sugar is a product of grass. Yes, cane, the father of sugar, is a type of grass, though a lovable and suck-able one. If we had confined ourselves to cane, we would be safe. But we chose to be sorry than safe. We wanted more from the cane. So we crush it, juice it, boil it and refine it and finally arrive at a shiny granular chemical called Sugar.

The transformation is from ugly cane to beautiful sugar.I wonder why, some things become beautiful the moment we subtract away the substance. Anyway, just as in the company of beauties we tend to get shy and inhibited, similarly we react to our beautiful sugar.

Imagine, your host offers you a cup. Along with the cup comes riding two cubes of Sugar. Why two? Probably that’s a lucky number! You take the first sip. You always take a sip to gauge the potency of the poison. You hope, the accompanying two, might serve the purpose. It doesn’t. You roll your eyes and reach out for more. The act is like shouting “statue”. The conversation freezes. You can hear the cube drop. After this act is over, if no one consoles you with some sage advice – abandon the crowd. They don’t care for you anyway.

Sugar is not love, but it is one way of showing love. Again imagine, your loving host hands you a cup-again with two cubes. Watch the naughty twist on the face. The cubes are decoys and you the pray.

You take a sip. You will always take a sip. And then your brain turns into “Flubber”. It will bounce off ceiling, floor, all around in a mad maze; finally hit the dish holding the cubes. Matrix-like in Slow-mo., the cubes with erupt, volcano-like. You see yourself grab a few and drop into your cup.

Fulfilled, your consciousness will emerge as if from under water. The surround-sound will return. You never realise when you squeaked for more contraband. But you got it and then you had it.

You just provided your love with sugary grist to her conversational mill. Those extra cubes which you gleefully dissolved in your cup reappear like meteors in Armageddon. You know every letter of the word d.i.a.b.e.t.e.s and surprisingly spell it correctly. Oh, how you wish to cough out those extra cubes- only to change the conversation.

Says Lord Newton – To every action to cane there will be equal and opposite reaction to humankind. Had we stopped with cane, humanity would have been spared of most maladies. The sweetener must have its revenge. But you will take a sip. You will always take a sip and reach out – to be caned!