The Khabari (Informer)

Act- I

It was on the second or third day, and newly joined Mahesh was in Anand’s shift in Flight Dispatch. During a lull in activity, Mahesh hurriedly went to the toilet. While returning to Despatch he saw Anand standing on the terrace near the door.

Anand beckoned Mahesh to one side and spoke as if he had Osama’s address:-  

Anand: Tu naya hai. Kuch nahi janta. Many things are happening here and you have to watch out. And be careful of Abhi. He is a bastard.
Mahesh: Yes sir, I know. I asked him for a leave and he did not give me. He said there is a shortage. But he gave leave to Mala.

Anand: If you want leave, you tell me. I will get it done for you. But you inform me all what Abhi is doing. Let me know what he is speaking about me behind my back.

Mahesh: Sure sir. I will let you know. Thank you ,sir.

Anand: Abhi goofs up big time in Flight Dispatch and many wrong things happen in his shift. He tries to cover it all up. He thinks I don’t know.

Mahesh: Yes sir, the other day he didn’t confirm fuel on time and we had five minutes delay. He put it on the oil company. But it was actually his fault.

Anand: Good. This is a sort of information I want. You will do very well. Now I will fix up that bastard.

Mahesh: You should do something. Or else he doesn’t take responsibility and he puts it all on us.

Anand: Yes, I know. He has even tried to fix me. There was a weather warning at Delhi and I did not get the information. So I forgot to uplift extra fuel. And he made it into a big issue. His assistants are also useless.

Mahesh: Yes sir. Many don’t give a handover and they don’t update fuel and pilot reports during shift changeover. They leave all for the next shift.

Anand: You should tell me all these things. Abhi doesn’t know anything. And he can’t handle his shift.

Mahesh: Sir, can I get leave next Wednesday. I have to go to the doctor.

Anand: Let me go inside and see the roster. Chetan has also asked for leave to Abhi. I have come to know this. I will screw his leave. I will tell, you applied first, and then let’s see what the hell he can do.

Mahesh: Thank you sir. Please do sir. I need it sir.

Anand: Don’t worry. You told me. That’s enough.

Act- II

Abhi: Anand always comes late. One day I will complain to the manager. Every time late is unacceptable.

Chetan: He also goes early.

Abhi: This must be reported. I am doing extra work with no over time. The company doesn’t pay me for this extra time.

Chetan: But he takes comp-offs. Do you have any record?

Abhi: This I will report. You should let me know. Check all his records.

Chetan: That’s O.K. But today, you will have to help me. I want leave next Wednesday. I told you first. I don’t care about Mahesh.

Abhi: How can Anand play with roster? He can’t handle his shift. Now he is poking his nose in my roster.

Chetan: He pokes his nose everywhere.

Abhi: Today I will settle all this. His goof-ups and cover-ups are not going to continue for long.

Act- III

Abhi: (looking at his watch) Is this the time to come.

Anand: You don’t show me the time. You also come late. I don’t say anything.

Abhi: Why are you playing with my roster? I gave Chetan leave. You cut it out and gave that to Mahesh. Who gave you the authority?

Anand: As per the manager, I am also responsible for roster.

Abhi: But you will have to tell me what all changes you are making.

Anand: I don’t have to. I will only tell the manager.

Abhi: Chetan will get leave on Wednesday. You tell Mahesh to shift his leave.

Anand: Why will I shift the leave? Chetan did not tell me that he wants leave.

Abhi: Why should Chetan tell you? He told me. Mahesh also did not tell me.

Anand: But I am telling you.

Chetan: (butting in) If I don’t get leave, I will report sick.

Abhi: Chetan, you wait, I will sort it out. Anand, let’s go to the Manager.

Act- IV

Abhi and Anand both left for the manager’s office. Along the way, they stopped in the lonely corridor.

Abhi: We have to adjust. I have four comp-offs and I don’t know when to take it.

Anand: I have five and my access leave will lapse if I don’t take it by next month.

Abhi: Wednesday, even I have some work.

Anand: I am also thinking of bunking on Wednesday. Bahot ho gaya kaam!

Abhi: But will the manager agree on both of us going on leave.

Anand: All he wants is no goochi. He will be OK as long as the work goes smooth. Come, let’s talk.

Act- V

Manager: Abhi, is your shift over.

Abhi: Yes.

Manager: Then you wait. I have some work for you.

Abhi: (Zouli)

Manager: what!

Abhi: Nothing. I want leave on Wednesday.

Manager: How many times will you go on leave?

Abhi: Sir, I have lots of comp-off.

Manager: I have lots of work for you.

Abhi: Sir, bhagaa na. Kam kairala kairlaa kantal zala !

Manager: Me tuza goochi samblanar-samblanar vaitagla! And Anand, what brings you here.

Anand: We have a problem.

Manager: You both are a problem. Company can solve lots of problem by getting of rid of both of you. Anyway, tell me, what is the problem.

Anand: I too want leave on Wednesday.

Manager: Are you shutting down Dispatch on Wednesday!

Anand: No sir, I have an idea.

Manager: You have more ideas than inputs. O.K. let me hear it.

Anand: Sir, Chetan and Rajesh both are in shift that day. And both can handle well.

Manager: But Rajesh is new.

Anand: Sir, he has worked in my shift and I can say he can handle.

Abhi: I have an idea.

Manager: Oh. You too have an idea. You don’t work and you have ideas and you have ideas on how not to work. Anyways, what’s the idea?

Abhi: Chetan can do Morning and regular and Rajesh can do regular and afternoon. That way Chetan and Rajesh will be together during peak time and there won’t be any problem.

Manager: Wow…Your solution also comes with a guarantee!

Anand: No sir, but it will work.

Manager: What ‘No Sir’, I know it will work – Problem is solved with both of you not in dispatch.

Anand: Thank you sir. But Sir, be careful of Rajesh. That new guy is cunning.

Abhi: Also Sir, watch out for Chetan. He acts extra-smart.

Manager: O.K Groom them up. They will take your places.