A Disappearing Number

On 11th Aug 2010, I saw a most amazing play, “The Disappearing Number”.
I have seen many plays and mostly I see it in Prithvi Theaters,Juhu. Some plays, I have also seen in NCPA (National Center of Performing Arts) at Nariman Point.

The play ,”The Disappearing Number” was different in the sense that, it had lots of audio-visual effects. I never expected that in a play or never thought that this was possible.

It had two story lines (Plots), one concerning the life and times of Ramanujan, the mathematician, and the other concerning the modern day couple, one of then, the women, was a fan of Ramanujan.

Regarding the content of the play, I think the play did not have much of a content. But it was more than enough for a layman to be in touch with mathematics. The play defined the fact that Ramanujan saw mathematics as a pattern and rhythm. I feel everybody possesses a rhythm and that is very comfortable and Ramanujan had mathematics as a part his rhythm and that was comfortable to him.

I also feel that Ramanujan needed a man like Hardy. Otherwise, who would have understood Ramanujan’s work. Hardy’s own interest in mathematics and his admiration of Ramanujan’s work, got more out of Ramanujan.

For ideas to emerge and crystallize, one needs a sounding board. And Hardy was good for the task.

Every Ramanujan needs a Hardy or if you are a Ramanujan, God will provide you a Hardy.


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