The Start of any Project

The start of any Project is defined by chaos.

Just like an onset of a season brings with it a sort of feeling-in-the-air, the same is for any Project in the Conceptualizing stage. No one has any idea what’s going on or what should happen next.
The thing to do in this kind of scenario is to start asking questions.
The chief difference between anyone asking questions and the Project manager asking questions is that, the Project Manager knows where to store the answers.

Thereafter, it’s the Project Manager’s skill to analyze the answers and fit into the prototype of the project Plan. The PM has the structure in place or if he is new to Project Management, then this is his “finest hours” to get the handle on the subject of being a Project Manager.
It is also very important for the PM to search and nourish good relationships. The success of a PM is the success of his relationships which he has and which he goes forward to build throughout his career.


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